Return Policy

Non-Returnable Items

For security, the following items cannot be returned or exchanged:

Gold or silver jewelry.

Quality Check for Returns

When a return item arrives at our warehouse, we will inspect and/or test it to ensure it is return- eligible and meets the applicable return requirements listed above. If the item passes our quality check, we will issue a refund. If our inspection finds that the returned item is not return-eligible or does not meet the return requirements listed above, we will reject the return and refuse to issue a refund or credit.

If the return item is rejected, we will send the item back to you at the same address that was specified in the original order and will deduct its return shipping fee from the amount of refund of other item(s) returned in the same order, if any. Currently, the return shipping fee for sending the rejected-return item to you is $13.99, and we reserve the right to adjust this fee.

Return Shipping 

You must use the return label ("Return Label") we provide (See "Return Request Process" section below for details), then send the return package to us postmarked within 15 days after the purchase date.

1. Sign into your LLstyle User Account.

2. Go to "My Orders" and find the order that contains the item(s) you would like to return and click "Order Details".

3. Then click the "Return Item" button, select the item(s) you would like to return, indicate the reason, and click "Next Step." Please note that some items are non-returnable as specified above.

4. Select the "Refund Method." Please note that the LLstyle Wallet refund method is not currently available for Third-Party Sellers’ products.

5. Select the "Return Method": You can return either by USPS or UPS. You can use either the Return Label (Printer Required) or the QR Code (No Printer Required) that we provide. The Return Label and QR Code only work if you are shipping within the US.

6. Pack your return item(s) securely, in the original package if possible, and securely tape the Return Label on the outside of your return package.

7. Mail or ship the return package at your nearest USPS or UPS (as applicable) location. Your return package must be postmarked within 15 days after the purchase date.

8. Please note that returned items must be correctly shipped using the correct Return Label or QR Code. If there are multiple Return Labels or QR Codes for multiple items to be returned, please do not mix them up.


1. Please do NOT send your return to the sender's address on your original package. This is not the return address and will affect the processing of your return. You should only send it to the address on the Return Label we provide.

2. Please make sure you do not include any items that were not purchased on the LLstyle Site or App by mistake in your return package. We will not be responsible for sending those items back to you.

3. To ensure a smooth and timely refund process, please make sure that the item(s) you are returning match(es) the details listed on your return request. Any discrepancies may cause delays or prevent us from being able to process your return.